About Us

Alice Timbrell

Solicitor and Director

Thinking about wills, powers of attorney and probate can often be overwhelming.  A task that people actively avoid.  I am passionate about helping individuals overcome these fears and take action.  My view is that the more conversations we have, the better prepared families will be.

I let these conversations shape my advice to prevent missing an opportunity to add value.   The more my clients share with me, and I learn about their lives, the better the support I can provide.

I mainly work with individuals at critical times in their lives. This might be moving in with a partner, getting married, welcoming a child or planning for older age. My clients take me on a journey, and I am available to support them when they need me the most.

At Timbrell Law, we keep things simple.  My clients have my direct details and always speak with me. I will always try to get back to you same day and can offer flexible meeting times to suit you.

If there is anything you need help with, please let me know using the “Ask Alice” form.

Alice Timbrell

Solictor and Director