Why should new parents make Wills?

As a parent, making a Will is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your child is provided for and that there is someone to care for them if you die.

If you die without a Will, your estate will be governed by the rules of intestacy. As the law decides who receives your assets, your family may not benefit in the way you intend.

Preparing a Will avoids this uncertainty and gives you the opportunity to introduce safeguards for your children. For example, you can defer the age your child inherits under your Will and appoint people you trust to look after the assets until that time.

Your Will is also the easiest way to appoint legal guardians to care for your children if you die. Otherwise, it is for the court to decide.

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What types of Will are available for parents?

We specialise in helping our clients plan for the future by making Wills that support their entire family. 

You can choose from several different Will structures each offering different levels of protection to your loved ones.  The type of Will you need will depend on your individual circumstances and the assets you hold.  We can talk you through the different options during your free initial consultation, so you are confident in your choice.

Common Will structures for parents include:

  1. Essential Wills – for when your circumstances are straightforward, and you want those inheriting from your estate (“your beneficiaries”) to receive their entitlement outright.
  2. Premium Wills – these Wills are drafted to provide an increased level of protection for your beneficiaries.  For example, these Wills can incorporate provisions to protect against the risk of a partner or spouse marrying or changing their Will after your death leaving less to your child.

Discounted rates are available for mirror wills for couples. Call us today to find out more.

Instruction meeting or call to discuss your circumstances and wishes

Drafting your Wills with a clear explanatory note

Discussing any changes or queries you may have

Preparing final Wills for Signature

Assisting with execution

Drafting your final wills to incorparate either "second marriage" or "asset protection" trust provisions

Working with you to draft detailed Letters of Wishes addressed to trustees and providing an explanatory note setting out the key terms of your Will Trusts

Essential Wills

Premium Wills

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