At Timbrell Law, we attribute our commitment to supporting our clients as fundamental to our success.  This means that even after your matter is finished, we like to keep in touch to make sure that everything is going well. Sometimes this leads to former clients referring their friends and family to us for help. 

To reward the loyalty of our existing clients, and say a big thank you for these referrals, we have established the “Recommend A Friend” scheme.  

As an existing client if you recommend a friend to the firm and a new instruction is created, you will receive a £25 voucher from a selection of stores (subject to change).  You can also ask us to donate this sum as a gift to charity in your name.  There is no limit on the number of times you can participate.  

To be able to claim a voucher, you must have previously indicated that you wish to take part in the scheme.  To do so, please agree to and submit the form below.

Please note that this does not oblige you to make a recommendation, but simply confirms your eligibility for a voucher if a recommendation is made.  

If you have any further questions about our 'Recommend A Friend' scheme, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Join The Scheme Today!

By submitting my name below, I agree to the defined terms and conditions and I am happy for Timbrell Law Limited to use my personal data for the said purpose of administering the Recommend a Friend Scheme.

    Terms And Conditions

    1. The following definitions shall apply to these terms: 
      • the ‘Recommend a Friend Scheme’ shall mean the scheme detailed in these terms; and  
      • ‘Prospective Client’ shall mean the person introduced to Timbrell Law Limited (Company Registration Number: 1159939) (“the Firm”) by you.  
    2. The Prospective Client must make contact with the Firm and provide your full name and contact details as the person who recommended them. 
    3. Your recommendation will be eligible if: 
      • the Prospective Client is new to the Firm, i.e. has not instructed us to do work for them before;  
      • the Prospective Client instructs the Firm to provide legal services valued at over £240;  
      • the legal services do not fall under any charitable Will Scheme currently carried on by the Firm; and 
      • the Prospective Client is not seeking to apply any other offer marketed by the Firm.  
    4. The Recommend a Friend Scheme is available for all legal service offered by the Firm, except those services involving the Court of Protection. 
    5. Before accepting an instruction, the Firm will explain to the Prospective Client the terms of this Recommend a Friend Scheme.  The Firm reserves the right to decline instructions.  
    6. A voucher for £25 will be sent to you once the Prospective Client’s transaction has been concluded. For example, on the signing of a Will and once all outstanding fees owed to the Firm have been paid.  
    7. If the matter is not completed or payment is not received in full, a voucher cannot be paid to you. 
    8. You can request that the Firm donate the £25 in your name to a charity of your choosing. 
    9. The Firm reserves the right to withdraw this scheme at any time without notice. 
    10. Any dispute over these Terms & Conditions will be governed by the laws of England & Wales and disputes will be decided only by the Court.